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QUELMER is a commercial company specialist in products against plagues or pest control since 1992. His range of products have been increasing last time as well as his market share.

QUELMER has a deep insertion in agricultural and domestic distribution market, with more than 80 distributors all around Portugal and Islands. Quelmer has his stores and office in a building with 2000 m2, 30Km far from Lisbon.

QUELMER is a part of Henri Reynaud Group and started in 1983 having as first activity the animal nutrition. Recently this activity has been transferred to two new partner-companies. This activity with agriculture and animals gave to Quelmer a very deep and good knowledge of the the distribution market in this area.

QUELMER is looking for new and innovator technologies and products against calamity plagues for introducing them in Portugal, with the care to do not interfere in ecological balance and environment, giving preference to the EEC Producers.


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